Wemax Furniture for all generations


Product range

  • furniture-fronts,
  • tabletops (laminated wooden edges; and veneered),
  • cutting boards to size with material provided,
  • utilities veneer bonding method beznitkową,

When ordering fronts possibility of the color of additional elements, such as:

  • visible sides of cabinets and pedestals lower veneer,
  • furniture legs at various heights and thicknesses, etc.)

A T T E N T I O N!

Wood and wood veneers may vary in shade on the components which is caused by natural properties and construction wood. In the case of ordering not guarantee compatibility of tone color and structure in relation to the basic contract.

Also in the case overtones in lacquered MDF-ie not guarantee hue of the color reproducibility due to the impact of physical factors on dyes. Made earlier fronts can change hue when exposed to light.

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